Investment Management

Investment Management — Relationship Structure

Your relationship with Vault Financial, LLC is based on how active you would like to be in the management of your investment account(s).

You might decide that you’re too busy to educate yourself with the various investment products or to stay “up to date” on the market, and you would like your advisor to serve as the chief decision maker in the management of your portfolio (full discretion). Alternatively, you might aspire to make your own investment decisions (non-discretionary “do-it-yourself”). Perhaps your expectations of our relationship is somewhere in the middle (non-discretionary collaborative).

Regardless, we will structure our relationship so that it is suitable to your needs and wishes.

The flowchart and corresponding description presented below will assist you with determining which advisor structure is best for you.

Investment Management — Type of Investment Accounts

We advise individuals and businesses on their taxable and non-taxable accounts:

We advise on the following individual-related accounts:

  1. Brokerage (Individual, Joint and Trust)

  2. IRAs (Traditional, Roth, Rollover)

  3. College accounts (529 Plans, Coverdell, UGMA/UTMA)

  4. Charitable gift and donor advised funds

We advise on the following business-related accounts:

  1. Brokerage (Business)

  2. Company retirement plans (Profit Sharing, 401(k), Individual 401(k), Defined Benefit Pension Plans)


Investment Management — Type of Investment Products

The following investment products are available to our clients:

  1. Stocks

  2. Bonds

  3. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  4. Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

  5. Mutual Funds

  6. Annuities

  7. Private Placements

Investment Management Relationship Structures





Full Discretion